NC Small Business Center Network

The SBCN offers a very wide range of programs and services for existing an prospective business owners.

NC Rural Economic Development Center, Inc.

The mission of the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center is to develop, promote, and implement sound economic strategies to improve the quality of life of rural North Carolinians. The center serves the state’s 85 rural counties, with a special focus on individuals with low to moderate incomes and communities with limited resources.

NC Real Enterprises

NC REAL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping bring entrepreneurship and small business creation to North Carolina. Through our training programs and curriculum, we have helped thousands of people create new jobs throughout our state.

NC REAL stands for North Carolina Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning. We provide educational programs and support for adults or youth interested in entrepreneurship.

Mountain South Incubator Association

Incubator Directors will share best practices, jointly promote entrepreneurship and business incubation across the region, and cooperate to help achieve the goals of the member incubators. 

NC A&T B.E.S.T Center

The BEST Center is a business incubator located in southeast Greensboro.  Since the Grand Opening, on May 27, 2009, the BEST Center has become a valuable resource location for community business owners. B.E.S.T Center