Member Benefits

By joining the NC Business Incubation Association (NCBIA) you are not only contributing to the support of small business development and the entrepreneurs who develop the businesses, but to the health of our economy as well.
  • When you join the NCBIA, you join a group of professionals statewide who provide support to today’s most exciting new businesses. 
  • You are eligible to join NCBIA’s members-only listserv enabling members to share invaluable information and ask questions of industry professionals.
  • You are eligible to receive information, research, and networking resources to help develop and manage successful incubation programs.
  • You are eligible to serve on association committees, task forces, and awards judging panels and get an inside look at the industry.
  • You are eligible to be recognized as Business Incubator Manager of the Year at the NCBIA Annual Awards Conference. This award includes a plaque and cash prize.
  • You are eligible to vote in NCBIA elections and run for the NCBIA board of directors
  • You will have industry credibility through the NCBIA member logo, available for display on member websites and printed materials.
  • A detailed listing on NCBIA’s website. This outlet provides members great visibility to the many visitors to NCBIA’s website who seek industry information and resources.
  • Potential to access funding on a broader level making a larger impact.
  • Your membership helps fund NCBIA activities that enhance public awareness of business incubation’s effectiveness and helps generate support for all business incubation programs.